Cjng dismemberment

This 'poor woman' was a leader in CJNG - she had done the same thing to other people. Innocent? Please. You watched it cunt. Don't forget that. Anon 24 December 2021 06:49. Reverting to their Indigenous past. Westerners 15 January 2022 13:00.

Photos of a woman who was allegedly dismembered by drug traffickers of the Elite Group of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) were disseminated on social networks . The images were apparently found on cell phones of the dead from the last attack by the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel on the United Cartels (CU) in the Aguaje community ...The CJNG has made direct attempts to dominate this area but continues to face the Sinaloa Cartel, remnants of Los Zetas and Los Pelones, another group to emerge from the fragmentation of the Gulf Cartel. These battles for territorial control have caused violence to flare up. Los Pelones, for example, are dedicated to extorting tourist businesses.

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Treasury Coordinates with Government of Mexico to Further Disrupt CJNG Timeshare Fraud WASHINGTON — Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned Eduardo Pardo Espino, who is a fugitive from a U.S. drug trafficking charge, along with six other individuals and 19 Mexican companies. These individuals and companies are linked, directly or ...Guanajuato was doing good tell the cjng came ther the cancer of Mexico donde están nada bueno nomás andan causando problemas pa la gente que nomas trabajan limpiamente ... Altough dismemberment could be used mainly as a way to dispose a corpse since these guys throw them around in public anyway that wouldn't apply here. Delete. Replies. Replydoes male enlargement pills work male enhancement pills free blue wolf male enhancement pills cjng dismemberment los viagras INEIEM. The mother, Yihe, is a weaver girl in a weaving workshop.She has the same personality as most mothers in Bazhou City, and she takes great care of the Yishui brothers.The younger brother Yiwen is an honest boy, which doesn t match his big figure at all.Yiwen s ...

Name : CJNG Sends a Brutal Message to Los Viagras - The Infamous Cartel Dismemberment Video Duration : 09:21 Size : 12.84 MB Views : 39,390 Sample Rate: 48kHz Audio Channels: Stereo Update : 15 Februari 2022The CJNG has a presence in Ciudad Juárez, supposedly bolstered by an alliance with the New Juárez Cartel (Nuevo Cartel de Juárez). But to date, it still appears to have less influence there than rivals such as Los Salazar, a powerful cell of the Sinaloa Cartel, and La Línea, an increasingly powerful faction of the Juárez Cartel.CJNG Sends a Brutal Message to Los Viagras - The Infamous Cartel Dismemberment VideoWoman Crushed In Two By Car Wheels. Dude Electrocuted On The Roof Of A Train. Aftermath. Videos of accidents and accidents without censorship. Destroyed cars, crashed planes, people who died as a result of the disaster.It's Very Likely The Woman Will Be Left Without An Arm. Wheel Explosion At Auto Service. One Worker Was Injured, The. Videos of accidents and accidents without censorship. Destroyed cars, crashed planes, people who died as a result of the disaster.

Members of Mexico's most savage cartel have reportedly started eating their enemies alive in a terrifying threat to their rivals. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), led by Nemesio "El Mencho" Oseguera Cervantes, has become one of the most dominant gangs in the country and operates in at least 35 states across Mexico and Puerto Rico. El Mencho's goons regularly carry out sickening ...Saucedo, the security analyst, believes the massacre is CJNG-style, although no criminal group has taken credit for the deaths. In the same state the same week, human remains were found in two ... ….

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CJNG is a violent Mexico-based organization that traffics a significant proportion of the illicit fentanyl and other deadly drugs that enter the United States. Today's action is the result of a ...Despite the fact that CJNG is one of the youngest cartels in Mexico it is considered to be one of, if not, the most powerful and violent cartel in Mexico today. CJNG’s assets are thought to be worth over $20 billion. The successful rapid and violent rise of CJNG challenges Mexico’s capacity to govern and normalizes violence and corruption ...

We deemed CJNG one of the highest-priority transnational organized crime threats we face. And with Project Python, we are delivering results in the face of that threat for the American people." "Project Python is the single largest strike by U.S. authorities against CJNG, and this is just the beginning," said DEA Acting Administrator ...News Releases - Discover Magazine ... .

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